About Us


Gray Equestrian started in 2020 and was created with a specific vision in mind. To bring fashion and style to the equestrian clothing market while still being practical, stylish unique and affordable.

UK designed and styled with the rider at the heart of everything we do. We were tired of seeing the same brands available everywhere and wanted to bring a new, and exciting brand to our customers. 

We knew Gray Equestrian needed to be as unique and designed to fit into all aspects of our daily life while still being premium with a luxury look. We wanted to bring clothes that feel good on the body and made you feel good while being multi-purpose for different activities.

The name Gray Equestrian comes from our two grey horses inspiring this brand from the beginning. And because who doesn't love grey?

Check out our blog post here to find out more about the brand! I also want to take the moment to say thank you for supporting us on this new exciting adventure. Be sure to follow us on socials to keep up to date with everything Gray Equestrian!

Get the luxe equestrian look wearing GE.