Get Summer Ready!

Get Summer Ready!

As summer is fast approaching, so is the need to get your summer wardrobe ready! The time has come to dig out your collection of short sleeved base layers ready for a warm day at the yard! (yay finally!!!)

Let's see how we can style our Pink and Grey Short Sleeved Base Layers!

As mentioned in our pervious blog post, for me, nothing beats the combination of our Pink Short Sleeved Base Layer and our Khaki Leggings! Nothing screams summer vibes more! I do however love to occasionally pair my Steel Grey Leggings with my Pink Short Sleeved Base Layer- I think its equally just as cute!

Now let's see how else we could style our Berry Set? I personally am OBSESSED with our Berry Leggings and Grey Short Sleeved Base Layer! I also love to have my Grey soft-shell jacket handy incase the wind decides to pick up! You know what the UK weather can be like sometimes!

If you prefer to go less colourful, then why not pair our Black Leggings with our Grey Short Sleeved Base Layer?! The perfect balance of looking sleek at the yard whilst remaining very practical! 

Which is your favourite look?

Ps. who can see a new product launching soon...